Vascular Access Harnesses with infusion port

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Vascular Access Harnesses with infusion port


Harnesses with implantable infusion ports for quick and aseptic connection rat to a procedure of infusion and sampling.

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Vascular Access Harnesses with infusion port

Instech’s Vascular Access Harness™, an advancement on the Covance Infusion Harness™, permits quick, aseptic connection and disconnection of a catheterized rat and an infusion tether.
The system consists of two parts: a miniature external port housed in a harness (VAH95AB) and a mating spring tether with a connector (VAH95T) that pierces the septum to make the fluid connection. Animals can be ordered with a catheter and the harness pre-installed (see Partners list at left). Then, to begin an infusion study, simply wipe the septum with disinfectant and connect the VAH tether to the harness. Flush or inject directly into the harness as needed using a syringe fitted with a VAH6M injector with needle stick protection. Use the SIP22P plug to seal off the tether connector while the animal is not connected.

The standard system is designed for single channel infusion of rats using a 22ga swivel. For best results use 3Fr polyurethane catheters with inner diameters of 0,024-0,025in (0,60-0,64mm).

  • the VAH is ideal for blood sampling. See VAH for Rat Blood Sampling for additional information.
  • Available in a two-channel version for simultaneous infusion and sampling or for bile sampling.
  • available with extra long (14in/36cm) belly bands for large rats or guinea pigs, part no VAH95AB14. (Standard belly band length is 9in/23cm.)
  • available in a miniature version for mice