Waste treatment sacks AEROBAG® 134

Waste treatment sacks AEROBAG® 134

Container for the collection disinfection treatment, transport and disposal infections waste, with single coloured turquoise print and steam indicator on the nonwoven flap. Dedicated for steam sterilization in laboratories and breeding facilities.

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Waste treatment sacks AEROBAG® 134

Hygienic disposal of infectious wastes. Treatment of waste where it is generated (e. g. laboratories / hospitals), so that it can be disposed as domestic waste. AEROBAG® 134 consists of a plastic sack with a valve.

  • Temperature resistant up to 134 °C.
  • 80 % three layer PP-PA-PP plastic film, highly resistant against rupture, completely liquid proof and impermeable for pathogens.
  • 20 % non woven plastic material that functions as a valve, water repellent, impermeable for pathogens but highly permeable for air and steam.

Size: 650 +/- 5 mm x 1000 +/- 10 mm

Packing: 200 pcs (4 x 50 psc in PE bag)

Usability and storage: 6 years from the delivery date in original packaging, no direct exposure to sunshine