Water maze

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Water maze


The Morris Water Maze paradigm, in which the animal has to learn the position of a submerged platform in a water pool, has become a popular tool for testing spatial learning & memory.

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Water maze

The Morris Water Maze paradigm, in which the animal has to learn the position of a submerged platform in a water pool, has become a popular tool for testing spatial learning & memory.

The TSE water maze package includes a pool, a platform, low-light sensitive camera & lens with mounting device, DVD recorder, PC or notebook with built-in control interface and the video tracking software TSE PhenoTracker or VideoMot2and a remote control.

Quadrants, zones and platform position can be drawn over the image of the pool. When the animal is released tracking is started using a remote control. Data acquisition is stopped automatically when the animal has reached the target or after a set duration has elapsed. Latency to reach the target is the relevant parameter in the training trial. For probe trials the platform is removed and the percentage time spent or swim distance in the target quadrant can be calculated. All calculated parameters can be easily exported for further statistical evaluation.

Key Features

  • Complete hardware & software package based on the TSE video tracking system VideoMot2
  • Space-saving notebook solution
  • Select from a variety of pool sizes & colors, platforms and accessories
  • A detailed analysis protocol is produced by a mouse-click
  • Optional automatic software-controlled Atlantis platform

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