Crystal STERIFEED, RO water, grade 3

Code CS-1002

Sterifeed produces water with conductivity 5-11 μS/cm, that is inside the conductivity range recommended by autoclave vendors. Usually 3-15 μS/cm is the recommended conductivity range for autoclave feed water for reliable operation of autoclave.

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Pressurized water storage tank provides consistent water supply to an autoclave. Many autoclaves need pressurized purified water supply. Some autoclaves have priming pumps for purified water intake, but in case the water supply is not pressurized, an air gap may block the water flow. If the blockage occurs, the operation of autoclave is not possible until the air is removed from the system. Pressurized water storage tank of the “Sterifeed” system eliminates any possibility of air gap formation and ensures smooth operation of an autoclave.


Crystal sterifeed EN 1.png
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