Foramaflow se zabývá vývojem dezinfekčních systémů již 40 let a je první společností na světě, která vytvořila Formalin Vaporiser využívaný pro mikrobiologickou ochranu.
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Foramaflow has been developing fumigation systems for fifty years and the first company in the world to design and manufacture a Formalin Vaporiser for use on the early microbiological safety cabinets.

The 60 ml unit was supplied as standard on all of the original Foramaflow Class I and Class III safety cabinets and quickly became the industry standard for safe and effective fumigation. The Foramaflow Vaporiser established the industry benchmark for safety and reliability in cabinet fumigation and was soon being supplied world wide to leading research laboratories and the evolving cabinet manufacturers of the day. This was 50 years ago.

Today, under the Foramaflow Brand Name Formonia, Foramaflow manufactures one of the largest ranges of Formalin fumigation equipment in the World with decontamination solutions for all classes of safety cabinet, including formalin neutralisation systems for the recirculating Class II cabinet.

Foramaflow’s products specialist include room fumigation and neutralisation systems and cover the full range of applications for glove boxes, isolators and safe change filter housings. All models in the range are available in both 110v and 220/240v 50/60Hz electrical configurations with all major parts manufactured from stainless steel. There is a selection of safety accessories that can be incorporated into your safety procedures to further enhance operator and environmental protection.

Formalin vaporizer Foramaflow for sterylization laboratory rooms
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Fumigation with formalin is the most effective and most economical way of sterilization. The use of vaporizers Foramaflow can standardize the process in the animal facility and laboratory protocol.