Tato firma existující od roku 1998 se specializuje na vytváření a uplatnění softwaru ve vědeckém výzkumu.
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A-tune software AG is an established, medium-sized software house with headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, and an affiliate in Round Rock, Texas - USA.

Operating on the market since 1998, a-tune’s activities are primarily focused in two sectors:

  • data management for research and development (Life Science)
  • task and project management (insurance, financial services, IT, organisations ...).

A-tune’s slogan “make it simple” is both its mission and its guiding principle – especially when it comes to the handling of complex problems. A sound business model combined with active co-partners and a highly motivated team forms a solid foundation for a-tune’s activities.

To expand its range of services and products beyond its core operations, a-tune works closely with partners.

To maintain its edge as a medium sized company in the face of competition from larger firms, a-tune relies on providing its clients with uncompromising premium product and service quality.

Satisfied clients translate into a secure company future and constitute the basis for continuous growth.

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Multi-module software running through a web browser and Internet access. Complies with the latest Directive 2010/63/EU.