Complete Anesthesia and Respiration Solutions

Complete Anesthesia and Respiration Solutions


Advantages of Inhalation Anesthesia:

  • Can offer an improved level of control over depth and duration of anesthesia, especially for prolonged procedures.
  • Relatively insolubility and faster elimination in blood enables rapid recovery.
  • Be of rapid onset and offset with minimal side effects.
  • Have little or no toxic effect thanks to non-metabolism characteristic of sevoflurane and isoflurane.
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Complete Anesthesia and Respiration Solutions

The experimental system is equipped with a gas recovery system to provide a safe experimental environment to maximize the protection of the operator; by replacing different types of anesthesia machines and masks to meet the needs of animal experiments, such as cerebral ischemia and myocardial ischemia model, osteoporosis model, tail vein injection, abdominal aorta blood sampling, heart blood sampling, ventricular injection, tissue / organ removal and other animal surgery experiments.

By changing the different types of stereotaxic instruments and adaptors to meet the needs of different animal experiments, such as the neurological disease models (such as Parkinson, Alzheimer's disease, craniocerebral injury, spinal cord injury, etc.), brain drug injection, Cannula Implantation (long term repeated administration), physiology experiment (such as nerve stimulation, signal recording, wireless telemetry, etc.), microdialysis experiments (probe implantation and short-term dialysis) and other experiments.

This program is the combination of anesthesia machine and ventilator. While keeping the animal under anesthesia, it provides a certain volume (tidal volume) of oxygen and respiratory rate to support the normal breathing of animals. It can meet the requirements of long surgeries or surgeries on animals suffering from certain diseases (such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, cerebral infarction, thrombosis), and suitable for mice, rats, rabbits, cats and other animals within 5kg.

This program is suitable for the anesthesia and auxiliary respiration of animals within 50kg, such as pigs, monkeys, dogs and cats.

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Ventilátor pro zvířata je nejběžnějším přístrojem pro asistované dýchání zvířat, který se širokou měrou používá v preklinickém výzkumu, v klinické veterinární medicíně (například v modelování ischémie myokardu) a v respirační regulaci při operacích zvířat, nouzových zákrocích a při respirační léčbě.