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Become an Expert in Flow Assays - Cell Culture Under Flow

This course is based on the biological knowledge that several adherent cell types, such as endothelial cells in a blood vessel, are exposed to shear stress in vivo. Culturing cells in vitro under perfusion simulates this mechanical stimulus and induces a more physiological behavior.

This course will cover all aspects of setting up experiments with cells under flow. You will learn which critical factors need to be considered when conducting flow experiments. These include various physical parameters like shear rate, flow rate, viscosity, and shear stress calculations. We will also demonstrate helpful tips and tricks for the practical handling of ibidi Channel Slides.

After the course, you will be equipped with advanced knowledge and a better understanding of the necessary tools to perform your flow experiments like an expert.

No sterile working benches or cells are required to participate. Attend the course from the comfort of your office or home.

Target group

This course is aimed at all scientists and technical associates who have experience with cell culture and sterile working techniques, and want to establish cell culture under flow experiments using ibidi Channel Slides.

If you are interested, space is limited, so register today!


Day 1

  • Introduction to cell culture under flow
  • Physical background of liquid flow in channels
  • Tips and tricks for handling ibidi Channel Slides

Day 2

  • Tips and tricks for setting up a flow experiment in the lab
  • Assays for special flow applications
  • Discussion about your own experimental aims and setups