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Organoid Migration and High-Resolution Microscopy of 3D Structures

  • Topic 1: Unravelling Behavioral-Phenotypic Heterogeneity of Cellular Immunotherapies Targeting Solid Tumors
  • Topice 2: Gentle, 3D, Super-Resolution Live-Cell Imaging With the RCM2

ibiTea Topic Outline

Advancements in cellular immunotherapies, which utilize genetically engineered T cells, have shown great promise in hematological and some solid malignancies. For the first ibiTea topic, expert Amber Wezenaar will discuss using a novel, immune-organoid 3D imaging transcriptomics platform. She will show us how this platform can unravel the behavioral and underlying molecular mechanisms of an emerging cancer metabolome-targeting immunotherapy. This technique enables the characterization of behavioral-phenotypic heterogeneity of cellular immunotherapies.

A common challenge in live-cell microscopy, especially super-resolution microscopy, is that the high laser power imposed by many super-resolution techniques often causes bleaching and phototoxicity, therefore altering the biology of the cells being studied. For the second ibiTea topic, Jeroen Kole will give tips about keeping cells alive and healthy during high-resolution microscopy of 3D structures. The Re-scan Confocal Microscope 2 (RCM2) allows for the capture of 120nm resolution data, using a laser power that is a factor 1000 lower than other commonly used techniques. This technique makes the RCM2 an excellent tool for high-contrast 3D imaging of live organoids.



Speakers of ibiTea meeting






Amber Wezenaar, PhD at Princess Maxima Research Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

Amber studied Biotechnology at the VHL University of Applied Science in the Netherlands, with a focus on immunology. In November 2019, she started working at the Princess Maxima Research Center in Utrecht and focused on her research topic, "In-depth Characterization of Cellular Immunotherapies Using 3 D Live Cells". Since Sept 2020, she has been working on her PhD, in the group of Prof. Anne Rios, on the topic, "Tumor Microenvironment Modulation T Cells Therapies Targeting Solid Tumors".







Jeroen Kole, Product Application Specialist, Confocal.nl

Jeroen studied biology at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. After his studies, he worked at the AO2M microscopy facility at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam for several years, before joining Confocal.nl in 2018 as a Product Application Specialist. With this background, Jeroen has extensive experience in microscopy. He is currently working with live cells on several microscopes, including widefield, confocal, STED, Lightsheet, and RCM systems, and he is also responsible for the Confocal.nl distributor network in the US.