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The Toolbox for Live Cell Imaging

Are you interested in…

  • keeping your cells alive and healthy on a microscope?
  • combining excellent optics and optimal cell culture conditions?
  • enabling long-term, super-resolution imaging of live-cells with the Re-scan Confocal Microscope 2 (RCM2)?
  • watching a live demonstration of the RCM2 with living cells expressing the LifeAct F-Actin marker?

If so, we cordially invite you to participate in our webinar.

Webinar outline

During live cell imaging experiments, it is crucial to establish and maintain physiological conditions on the microscope. To achieve the best results, you need a precise experimental design and the right tools. Live cell microscopy offers many novel possibilities for achieving a better understanding of the biological dynamics within the cells.In this webinar, Christiane Thanisch (ibidi) will talk about solutions for live cell imaging, the ibidi Stage Top Incubation System, and living-cell visualization with the LifeAct F-Actin marker.

In addition, Jeroen Kole (confocal.nl) will give a live demonstration of the new Re-scan Confocal Microscope 2 (RCM 2) using LifeAct expressed in living Hela cells.


Christiane Thanish ibidi.jpg

Dr. Christiane Thanisch
Life Science Sales and Application Manager, ibidi GmbH

Christiane studied biology at the KIT Karlsruhe and the University of Marburg, and received her PhD in tumor biology/oncology. After graduation, she started as an Application Specialist in the Technical Support team for primary and stem cells at PromoCell. In 2017, she joined ibidi as a Sales and Application Manager for ECIS impedance instruments in Europe, and direct sales for our ibidi customers in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Ireland.


Jeroen Kole.png

Jeroen Kole
Product Application Specialist, confocal.nl

Jeroen studied biology at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. After working at the AO2M microscopy facility at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam for several years, he joined Confocal.nl in 2018 as a Product Application Specialist. Jeroen has extensive experience in microscopy. He is working with live cells on several microscopes including widefield, confocal, STED, Lightsheet and RCM systems, and is now responsible for the Confocal.nl distributor network in the US.