VII National Conference "Animals in Scientific Research"

The conferencje "Animalab in Scientific Research" is the most important conference in Poland orgnised every two years by Polish Laboratory Animal Science Association. Event bringing together people conducting experiments on laboratory animals and animal facility staff.

During the event, we invite you to visit the Animalab stand and meet our employees.


Conference schedule:


Monday, 12.09.2022

9:00 Registration of participants

10.45 Ceremonial opening of the Conference

11.00-11.30 Inaugural lecture prof. dr hab. Romulad Zabielski (PAN, SGGW)

Sesion I – Animal models of neurological diseases, part 1

Lecturers: dr hab. n. farm. Barbara Budzyńska, prof. (UM w Lubilnie), dr A. M. Czarnecka (IMDiK PAN), prof. dr hab. Paweł Mierzejewski (IPiN), dr inż. Adriana Wawer (WUM)

Sesion II – Behavioral research - different directions, different problems

Lecturers: mgr Patrycja Ciborowska (SGGW), dr Katarzyna Dziendzikowska (SGGW), dr hab. Rafał Ryguła, prof. (IF PAN w Krakowie), dr hab. Marcin Taciak, prof. (IFiZZ PAN)

18.00 – General Members Meeting of PolLASA


Tuesday, 13.09.2022

Sesion III – Laboratory and experimental animals in the times of crises - challenges for today and tomorrow part 1

Lecturers: dr Anna Niwińska (SGGW), dr hab., MBA, prof. UPP Lidia Radko (UP w Poznaniu), mgr inż. Katarzyna Unrug-Bielawska (NIO-PIB), dr Olga Gewartowska (MIBMiK), dr hab. Marcin Gołębiewski (SGGW).

Sesion V – Welfare, cooperation, quality of research - how to combine them effectively?

Lecturers: dr Łukasz Kiraga (WIHE, SGGW), dr Marzena Stefaniuk (IBD PAN), prof. Jarosław Woliński (IFiZZ PAN), Presentation of Foundation Lab Rescue – Laboratory Animal Adoption.


20.00 – Gala dinner


Wednesday, 14.09.2022

Sesion VI - Openness in scientific research - possibilities and limitations

Lecturers: Kirk Leech (EARA), Bartek Sabela (Wydawnictwo Czarne), mgr Joanna Wysocka–Andrusiewicz (UW).

Sesion VIII- Workshop

  • Pathomorphological diagnosis in research and health monitoring.
  • Stress and Stress Management Strategies - Introduction.
  • Responsibilities of animal welfare teams in the context of the amendment to the act.
  • Working meeting for animal facility managers: "Effective manager".

15.00 End of the conference.