Webinar: Zebrafish model research applications

Animalab invites you to participate in a free of charge webinar: “Zebrafish model research applications”

Date and time: 16th of June 2020 from 2 PM till 4 PM (EEST). 

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Zebrafish: about the model and their needs

A short introduction about origin of zebrafish which is influence maintaining parameters as well as behave. Describe some other laboratory fish species, advantages/disadvantages and field of usage. Highlight main fields of zebrafish science.

Development biology

Most of the publication come up from this field. Molecular technics provide a great opportunity to be zebrafish a real alternative of mice in many studies. During webinar we will highlight what is the biology background be zebrafish one of the most cited model in development biology.

Cardiovascular studies

Zebrafish has many advantages for be an excellent model in cardiovascular studies. We will show how embryonic and postembryonic stage can provide possibilities investigate drug effects or heart regeneration.


However, zebrafish is a poikilotherm animal it is an ideal in vivo model to study a wide variety of human cancer types. Zebrafish embryos provide a great alternative for studies human cancer metastasis or speed up cancer drug discovery.


Zebrafish is changing neuroscience. It was the first vertebrate model which provide possibility for real high through put studies. Social behave of this species help for modelling mammalian group cohesion and dynamics. 


Either toxicology or ecotoxicology studies have a great tradition on zebrafish. OECD and FDA protocols are available for adult fish and embryo studies too and fish tests a necessary part of drug licensing. During webinar we will show he difference between flow through, semi-static and static assays too.

Speaker: Róbert Kovács, PhD.

Róbert Kovács has more than ten years of experience with zebrafish studies. His main area of interests is ecotoxicology and toxicology studies on zebrafish model. Róbert was a GLP study director in Szent Istvan University, Gödöllő, Hungary. Besides, he also had performed zebrafish vivarium leader duties in Department of Aquaculture, Szent István University for four years.

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