Restrainers for rodents

Code MLA50

Constructed of perspex, these are available in six sizes for different-sized animals. Slots and holes are provided for ventilation and drug administration. Space inside the chamber can be adjusted using the slide piston.

Rodent restrainers can be used with the Rodent tail cuff holder for securing the NIBP tail cuff and transducer when attached to a mouse or rat tail.

Name product
MLA5016  Rodent restrainer (up to 35 g) Get quote
MLA5018  Rodent restrainer (up to 50 g) Get quote
MLA5020  Rodent restrainer (80 to 200 g) Get quote
MLA5022  Rodent restrainer (180 to 320 g) Get quote
MLA5024  Rodent restrainer (300 to 440 g) Get quote
MLA5025  Rodent restrainer (440 to 550 g) Get quote