Saturated steam sterilizers for pharma industry

Code AV Series

Steelco AV Series Pharmaceutical Grade Saturated Steam Sterilizers are a fundamental part of the process used to render an object free from viable infectious agents, including viruses and bacterial spores. Built to a very high standard, each unit is tailored to the customer’s specifications.

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AV series is used to sterilize with clean/pure saturated steam materials such as vials, bottles, glass items, fabric
materials, sealed or vented containers, rubber parts, machine parts, filters, etc. The AV Series of steam sterilizers are highperforming, reliable, and easy to use. Its sterilization cycle has been specifically designed to minimize time and energy consumption while maximizing efficiency and throughput.

Main applications of saturated steam sterilizers Steelco AV series

  • Vials, bottles and glass items
  • Fabric materials
  • Sealed or vented containers
  • Rubber parts
  • Machine part and filters
  • Other similar components

Key features of saturated steam sterilizers Steelco AV series

  • Door seal guaranteed for 4 years
  • Energy saving and low wastage
  • Drain cooling system available as option
  • Air detector following EN 285
  • Easy validation testing
  • Cycle development support
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • Remote assistance

Complete layout versatility

AV series can be configured as standard with different layout configurations: floor mounted or pit mounted version; electrical cabinet integrated within the skid of the equipment or remotely installed; technical area: right/left or shared in case of "inline" installation.

Reliable and hygienic construction

The chamber is self-draining with a cylindrical or rectangular cross section and covered by a full jacketed system of dimple welded type for fast and uniform heat transfer and optimization of chamber temperature distribution.

Sterilization cycle development

The sterilization cycle has been specifically designed to reduce time and energy consumption, improving efficiency and throughput. Complete flexibility to customize each phase and its parameters. All standard or custom cycle recipes are analysed and identified during design phase.

Extend system with following add-ons
  • Decontamination by VH2O2 module