Working Heart Systems

Code RSBRAD210-20
Isolated Working Heart Systems provide all the glassware for perfusing small animal hearts, and the acquisition hardware and software for working heart data collection and analysis, including pressure, biopotentials and temperature.
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The ADInstruments Working Heart Foundation Systems combine the corresponding high-quality glass apparatus with a versatile PowerLab and LabChart data cquisition system for (mice and rats) working heart experiments. Benefits of these systems include:

  • Modular glass apparatus providing easy and straightforward fine adjustments including
    • Option to recirculate the perfusate
    • Measuring from multiple locations in the perfusion circuit 
  • LabChart Pro software providing powerful real-time and offline analysis features 
  • Freedom to tailor required measurements by selecting from a range of associated kits and accessories


  • An 8-channel PowerLab 8/35, which is ideal for recording data from isolated heart experiments.
  • Multiple parameters can be analyzed and displayed using LabChart and LabChart Pro software, including: LVP, dP/dtmax, dP/dtmin, LVEDP, ECG, heart rate and many others.
  • Complete water-jacketed perfusion circuit that prevents heat loss and maintains uniform temperature.
  • Crystal clear borosilicate glassware that is autoclavable.
  • Modular design that:
    • fully supports current and future modifications, customizations, additions.
    • allows easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • High quality Tygon perfusion tubing that prevents degassing of the perfusate during low-flow experiments. 
  • A water-jacketed reservoir maintains and gasses the perfusion solution or buffer.
  • A water-jacketed bubble trap to remove air bubbles from the flow.
  • A bench-top, general purpose, Thermal Bath/Circulator that allows temperature control in the range from ambient temperature to 120°C with a stability level of ± 0.05°C. 


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RSBRAD210-V  Mouse Working Heart Foundation System Get quote
RSBRAD220-V  Rat Working Heart Foundation System Get quote