Class Biologically Clean

CBC is committed to manufacturing the highest quality isolators, cleanrooms, containment units and components for animal research and pharmaceutical production.
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Class Biologically Clean

CBC uses double polished clear vinyl plastic. All of the vinyl and polyurethane plastic is manufactured under ISO standards.

CBC uses a highly durable "lap seam" seal for the majority of our seams, and an even superior "cut/weld/strip seam" seal for high risk areas. Workers visually inspect the seams for obvious imperfections such as bubbles, opaqueness and ridges.

They finish with a "pull" test that would make many of our competitors cringe. The fact is, our workers inspect every step of the production process including: cutting, trimming, seams and even cleaning. Starting with the plans, patterns and reviews, all the way through production, we inspect and double inspect to ensure that we produce the highest quality, flexible film, germ-free products possible.


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