Steelco is a reference point for the production of disinfection, sanitization and sterilization devices in many professional areas. With a strong inclination for the foreign markets but still with a production 100% made in Italy, the company represent an excellence within the infection control industry and is able to provide its customers with solutions that go beyond market standards.
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Steelco obtains its best result by combining qualification and flexibility, two antithetic concepts that are, however, necessary requirements to offer the market highly innovative and efficient solutions.

This is how the strong skills acquired in the washing system – professional, decontamination, disinfection, security and traceability of the processes – result in reliable, highly productive and environment compatible solutions within their applications for different markets.

90% of the production and installations are intended to foreigner customers: USA and Latin America, Spain, France, UK and northen and eatern Europe countries, Russia, Africa and Middle East, India, China, Asia, Australia and New Zeland.

Nowadays Steelco can rely on a distribution network as well as service points which cover over 80 countries all over the world.

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