25 micro-Inserts 4 Well FulTrac for self insertion

Code 80489
A 4-well silicone insert used for tracing individual cells (adherent and suspension).
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  • Allows for long-term microscopy assays of single cells
  • Cultivation of small numbers of cells without evaporation risks
  • Conical wells for superb optical quality
  • Complete coverage of the well using a 20x objective
  • 25 pieces in a transport dish
  • Used for self-insertion into 6 or 12 well plates, or other formats

Please note: Not to be used without transferring the micro-Insert


Detailed information on ibidi website.

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80489  25 micro-Inserts 4 Well FulTrac for self-insertion, in a 10 cm transport dish, sterilized, 25 pcs. Get quote