Acidic detergent based on phosphoric acid

Code RBS IND 945

Acidic cleaning agent, descaler and oxydes remover for manual use and soaking.

  • Cleans, removes scale and oxydes
  • Safe for the cleaned items
  • Cost effective
  • Give the original aspect to the cleaned items

RBS IND 945 is recommended for the removal of insoluble inorganic residues, metal oxides and scale residues on surfaces and parts made of stainless steel, chrome steel, plastic, porcelain ... 

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  • Use concentration (%): 2-5% v/v in water
  • Available packing: Box of 4 x 5 L (for other pack size, contact us)
  • PH 100%: 1
  • PH (in solution): 1,5 (2%)

More information, Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are available on RBS webpage here.