Biomodules - container breeding facilities

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A great alternative to traditional building construction.

Biomodule is a portable prefabricated structure. Use alone or in combination with other modules, it becomes a site for local or long-term engineering work and measurement times. The share module is too complete. Only the connection of utilities (water, electricity) applies to the commencement of works. The Charles River Biomodule is supplied with an HVAC system, HEPA filters, which allows for keeping or experimenting with all species of animals. Due to the full modularity of the system, the delivered product is matched to the local surface area and information. On request, we also provide full equipment, such as autoclave, dishwasher, individually ventilated cage systems, conventional cage systems, additional equipment and testing equipment.

One-time purchase order for the entire product or distribution of the purchase into leasing installments. Profitable leasing enables the budget, budget and does not require a one-time purchase of funds.