Blood pressure sensor

Code LTS2050
Demonstrate blood pressure measurements in a lecture, tutorial, or practical class with these sphygmomanometers, each of which is coupled to a pressure transducer.
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Each sphygmomanometer unit is coupled to a pressure transducer that converts the applied pressure into an electronic signal, which can be displayed in Lt. These units can be used in teaching, for example to demonstrate blood pressure measurements in a lecture, tutorial or practical class. They are not intended for clinical use.

Sphygmomanometers are available in three cuff sizes (adult cuff, child cuff, and thigh cuff). The Sphygmomanometer with 3 Cuffs (USB) is supplied in the Intermediate Human Physiology Sensor Kit. The Cardio Microphone Sensor allows simultaneous recording of arterial pulse sounds during a blood pressure measurement.

The Blood Pressure Sensor can be used in Lt, with labs in our Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection. It plugs straight into a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer via USB connection.