Changing station – Esolis

Esolis: a very user friendly cabinet, to make a change almost as good as a rest… The Esolis cabinet protects the zootechnicians and the manipulated rodents during the whole process of bedding replacement. The user is strongly protected against dusty allergens and mice hair, generated by the process of soiled litter disposal and replacement. The mice transfer is fully protected and occurs in a safe and clean ISO5 environment.
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  • Users and rodents protection, in research laboratories,
  • Working volume protected by a ISO5 laminar down flow.

The Esolis cabinet is designed to simplify the user’s daily tasks. It is easy  and intuitive to use, easy to clean and easy to service.

  • Clean-Up© System: Lower the sides handle to rise up the work tray to replace the exhaust prefilter, simply and without any effort!
  • The white led-networks generate a soft and bright lighting, free from reflection on the stainless steel work tray.
  • The keyboard is positioned on the side stand of the unit, to be used from any side.

To meet the specific requirements of animal research laboratories, Esolis is available in 2 widths: 900 and 1200mm.

The 0.40 meter/sec HEPA filtered laminar airflow creates a soft and clean environment and avoids any risk of cross contamination.
The powerful air barrier around the work tray efficiently protects the user by vacuuming 100% of the generated dusty litter and mice hair. This air barrier also captures external particles and thus avoids mice contamination. The role of this air barrier is double: it both protects the user and the animals.
A high efficiency HEPA filter eliminates particles before exhausting the airflow in the laboratory (HEPA H14 exhaust filtration: 99,999%, for any particle >0,3 µm), thus protecting the user and environment.