TSE Systems

Climate chamber for environmental controlled experiments


Chamber with full control over temperature, humidity and lighting conditions - ideal for behavioral, metabolic or physiological experiments that require thermo-neutral conditions or involve rapid temperature changes.

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Rack systems

Rack systems made of stainless steel allow optimized setup and storage of your PhenoMaster cages, easy handling and cleaning, and most efficient lab space use. Custom made - adapted to your laboratory settings - the racks accommodate varying numbers of cages. Integrated hooks above each cage comfortably hold the lid, while the cage is being changed or the animal manipulated. Lockable castors allow a stable stand of the rack as well as moving it, e.g. for cleaning purposes.


  • For thermoneutral and temperature challenge experiments
  • Experimetns with light/dark cycle

Key features of environmental chamber

  • Four integrated fans and a ventilation plate ensure constant air circulation and stable distribution of heat
  • Whole-chamber temperature and humidity are tightly regulated and kept constant
  • Stable air quality, high level of internal temperature homogeneity from 4-35°C
  • Interior noise level <50 dB
  • Lights are installed into the chamber doors, are fully dimmable, and allow definition of customized light/dark cycles
  • Fully controlled by PhenoMaster software
  • Specifically designed for indirect calorimetry experiments