Co-extruded PE/PYC tubing

Code BTCOEX-25
This tubing was developed to prevent the loss of compounds due to absorption into the tubing, evaporation through the tubing, or alteration due to the leaching of plasticizers from the tubing. Normal PE tubing provides excellent compound compatibility, but unfortunately it is prone to kinking (read 7 Things to Consider When Choosing Tubing for Research). This tubing provides the best of both: it has PE on the inside for compatibility and PVC on the outside to minimize kinking. The two sizes of CO-EX are designed to attach to commonly used 22ga and 25ga swivels, couplers, PinPorts™ and luer stubs. The 22ga size is also available with a black PVC outer layer for protection of light sensitive compounds. CoEx is also terrific when evaporation could be an issue, such as in external tether lines where fluid is static between intermittent blood samples. Available non-sterile on spools. Also available in pre-assembled sterile infusion kits, which include swivels, tethers and other components. Not intended for intravascular use. Not for human use.
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Features and benefits

  • Stiff
  • Bondable
  • Kink Resistant
  • Excellent compound compatibility
  • Low air permeability
Product name
BTCOEX-25  Co-extruded PE/PVC tubing for 25ga, .017x.051in, spool, non-sterile
BTCOEX-22  Co-extruded PE/PVC tubing for 22ga, .024x.064in, spool, non-sterile
BTCOEX-22B  Co-extruded PE/PVC tubing for 22ga, black, .024x.077in, spool, non-sterile