Complete video tracking system for zebrafish behavior analysis - ZebraLab

The analysis of zebrafish activity is extended to a vast number of research applications including safety pharmacology, behavioral genetics, ecotoxicology, circadian rhythmicity. Zebrafish research has come a long way and behavioral study is on the rise as the zebrafish model organism appears to be the most amenable specy to test new therapies. Willing to provide researchers with cutting edge solutions for zebrafish high-throughput screening, ZebraBox combined with ZebraLab software is today the most integrated high-throughput analysis tool for measurement of locomotion in adult zebrafish, zebrafish larvae and zebrafish embryos.

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Whether the software can be used to track zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates, petri dish or adult zebrafish on tanks (individually or group),the software allows analysis of different behavioral patterns including locomotion activity in zebrafish (speed and distance) which can be coupled with several stimuli such as optogenetic, sound, temperature, optomotor response test etc.

User-friendly ZebraLab software

Take further your zebrafish behavior research with an easy to use interface: 

  • Intuitive protocol creation
  • Standardized and automated protocols
  • Easy to trigger stimuli throughout the experiment
  • Replay mode (videos, raw data for instantaneous results)
  • Accurate animal detection 
  • Heat map and image of the trajectory 

A polyvalent video tracking solution for zebrafish analysis

Zebralab has been developed specifically for zebrafish, from embryos to adult danio rerio. The software is also capable of tracking any other air/water/ground species such as drosophila, ants, mosquito, astyanax mexicanus, medaka fish, killifish, cichlid fish etc.Zebralab can work with several add-ons (software or hardware options) simultaneously. It has a multi research purpose. Instead of the dongle that can work unitarily at the time, ZebraLab offers the possibility to have an online software license installed on the acquisition workstation.

Extend system with following add-ons
  • Social contact
  • Rotation and path angles Lateralization of brain and behavior is the apparent predisposition towards side bias
  • Live 3D tracking
  • Shoaling Group behavior analysis of different subjects in the same tank
  • Group scr eening
  • Morphology analysis
  • Automatic sizing of zebrafish