DBA/2J mouse (JAX™), DBA/2J

Code 24980595-620
DBA/2J is a widely used inbred strain that is valuable in a large number of research areas, including cardiovascular biology, neurobiology, and sensorineural research.
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Nomenclature: DBA/2J

Type: Inbred mice

Origin: The DBA mouse is the oldest of all inbred strains. It was developed in 1909 by Little, who, around 1929, divided it into two lines: DBA/1 and DBA/2. 
It was introduced into The Jackson Laboratory in 1948 at the F-26th generation, and into Charles River France in February 1982 at the F-140th generation. Replacement of the PES in 1986 and 2005 according to The Jackson Laboratory genetic management system.

DBA/2J is a widely used inbred strain. Some characteristics include low susceptibility to developing atherosclerotic aortic lesions, high-frequency hearing loss, susceptibility to audiogenic seizures, development of progressive eye abnormalities that closely mimic human hereditary glaucoma, and extreme intolerance to alcohol and morphine.

Coat color: Dilute brown

Strain code: 625

Ideal for: Safety and efficacy testing, immunology, audiogenic seizures, glaucoma research.

JAX™ Stock No: 000671

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Note: Only The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River in Europe and Japan maintain colonies of JAX™ Mice strains which are derived from pedigreed mice from The Jackson Laboratory and are re-infused routinely with pedigreed mice to stabilise the genetic integrity and phenotype of these strains.

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Bred in: France

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