Ugo Basile

Delta-Maze, fully automated T-Maze with return arms and automatic doors

Code 41505UB
The Delta-maze is a custom modification of the T-maze, a special design made possible by the extreme adaptability of our MultiMaze system 41500.
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  • New proprietary modular system
  • Doors slide underneath the floor
  • Each arm provided with its own motor
  • Manual or PC-driven mode


  • Easy to design custom units on request
  • Unobstructed view for optimal videotracking even in optogenetics studies
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Via TTL or USB connection



In behavioral science, a T-maze is a simple maze used in animal cognition experiments, shaped like the letter T, providing the subject, typically a rodent, with a straightforward choice.

T-mazes are used to study how the rodents function with memory and spatial learning through applying various stimuli. The different tasks, such as left-right discrimination and forced alternation, are mainly used with rodents to test reference and working memory.

In this custom model, the device is provided with return arms on both stems of the T: doors are controlled automatically.


Detailed information on UGO BASILE website.