µ-Dish 35 mm, high Grid-500 Glass Bottom

Code 81168
A 35 mm imaging dish with a glass bottom and an imprinted 500 µm cell location grid.
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  • Ideal for locating cells or cell clusters
  • Easy cell counting per defined area
  • Glass coverslip for TIRF and single molecule applications


  • Locating cells or cell clusters, e.g., transfected cells for clone picking
  • Counting events per defined area (e.g., when calculating transfection efficiency)
  • Providing a reference structure for cell movements
  • Treatment of distinct single cells, such as in microinjection
  • Following axon growth on a defined scale bar

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81168  µ-Dish 35 mm, high Grid-500 Glass Bottom, Ø 35 mm, high wall (2 ml volume), grid repeat distance 500 µm, #1.5H (170 µm +/- 5 µm) D 263 M Schott glass, sterilized, 30 pcs. Get quote