Webinars Recorded

A Charles River-Hosted JAX® Webinar: Precise Modeling of Human Immune Responses with Genetically Refined NSG® and NRG Platforms

Hematopoietic humanization of the highly immunodeficient NOD scid gamma (NSG®) and NOD Rag1 gamma (NRG) mouse strains provide a powerful platform for more precise modeling of human immune responses. During this seminar, we will discuss NSG and NRG mouse models that have been genetically refined to express human growth factors, human leukocyte antigen (HLA) presentation molecules, genetic markers, and more for applications in cancer, diabetes, and immunology research.

Join us to learn about hematopoietic humanization of genetically enhanced NSG and NRG models, including these topics:

  • The impact of host background on hematopoietic humanization
  • The contribution of HLA I and II molecules to improving the modeling of immune responses
  • Valuable alleles for modeling type I diabetes in humanized mice

Webinar presenter

Kaya Ghosh, PhD
Technical Information Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory