World Precision Instruments

EVOM Auto for TEER measurement in 96 HTS plates

Code EVA-MT-02-01

World Precision Instruments (WPI), the global leader in TEER technology introduced the EVOM™ Auto, the newest entry into WPI pioneering EVOM family of products. The EVOM™ Auto automates measurements of TEER in epithelial or endothelial monolayers cultured on high throughput screening 96-well plates utilizing our innovative EVOM technology, qualitatively measuring cell monolayer health and quantitatively measuring cell confluence by determining an increase or a plateau in tissue resistance.

Automated measurement of tissue resistance in cell culture microplates provides the advantages of speed and precision, minimizes the chances of contamination, and ensures the rapid availability of measured resistance data. EVOM™ Auto produces a low AC current that avoids electrode metal deposits and is specially designed for the non-destructive, high throughput screening of epithelial monolayer confluence in cell cultures.

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Features of EVOM Auto meter

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface:
    • Programming your sequences is simple with the informative app
    • Easy-to-navigate system saves time when configuring sequences
  • Electrodes available for 96-well HTS plates:
    • Measure 96-wells, a row at a time
    • Save time by automating your process and move through a plate quickly
  • Auto-detection of electrode head:
    • System automatically detects your electrode and configures its position for your plate
    • Hardware setup is easy and requires no configuration
  • Three rinse locations:
    • You may rinse your electrodes multiple times during a measuring sequence
    • Take control of your protocol and define the sequence you need
  • Expert mode:
    • Can adjust the programmed coordinates
    • With complete control of the system, you can fine tune the programming as desire
  • Store all your data or export to Excel:
    • You can analyze your data in a manner suitable to your workflow
    • Flexibility to manage your data
  • Crash protection:
    • System automatically detects a misalignment and pauses measurements to prevent equipment damage
    • Minimize probe damage and avoids costly repairs
  • Automate your measurements:
    • Streamline your workflow
    • Minimize human errors


  • Epithelial and Endothelial Barrier Studies
  • Confluence
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Lung Viral Infection
  • Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
  • Lung in vitro models for COVID studies
  • Intestine, kidney and liver tissues

WPI EVOM™ Auto is a complete system for TEER measurements

  • Most reliable and convenient method of evaluating and monitoring the structural integrity of epithelial tissue culture in vitro
  • High-throughput 96-well plate system for labs with high volume
  • Unparalleled measurement accuracy with continuous data recording capability
  • Measure cellular activity label-free and real-time
  • Auto sampler’s dimension (W×D×H): 40.6 x 25.4 x 21.3 cm
  • Auto sampler’s weight: 7 Kg
  • Interface unit weight: 0.5 Kg
  • CE certified: Yes
  • Compatibility: MatTek, Millipore, Corning, 96 HTS Plates
  • Resistance range: 10 kOhms, 50 kOhms, 100kOhms
  • Number of rinse stations: 3
  • Electrode array for 96 HTS plate: array of 8 pair of (1 mm Φ) electrodes
  • Minimum sample reading time: 1 second
  • Device connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi range: 3m
  • Software type: Web browser
  • Control device to run software: tablet, laptop, desktop (with Wi-Fi adapter)
  • Output data: CSV/Excel
Standard system components
  • AutoSampler
  • 96 HTS electrode array
  • Interface unit
  • Control iPad with software
  • Power Cord
Extend system with following add-ons
  • MatTek plate alignment
  • Corning plate alignment
  • Millipore plate alignment