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Fiber optic oxygen meter for microsensors

A generation of sensors based on luminescence lifetime.
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  • Oxygen is not consumed during the experiment
  • Immune to electrical and magnetic interference
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • No lengthy polarization necessary (like Clark-type O2 electrodes)
  • Fast response time < 0.5 s for MicroTip sensors
  • Probe size of MicroTip sensors as small as 50 µm
  • Measurement is feasible in dry gas
  • Optical isolation of sensor tip available for fluorescent or photosynthetically active samples


    • Unaffected by light source stability and intensity fluctuations, because it is based on luminescence lifetime detections.
    • Compact, portable meters may be used inside or outside


    • Process control like bottling plant in breweries and quality control of packages (OxyMini)
    • Biotechnology like control of cell culture media and non-invasive control of bioreactors (OxyMini)
    • Implantation of oxygen sensors into soil and trees (OxyMini)
    • Oxygen profiles of marine sediment, soils, or tissue (OxyMicro)
    • Implantation in living tissue like heart or muscle tissue (OxyMicro)
    • Control of cell culture media in Biotechnology (OxyMicro)

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