FlexFlow™ bedding dispenser

Code FelxFlow

FleFlow unit efficiently dispenses a wide variety of bedding types to a great range of cage sizes – with options to customize exact bedding amounts – while having the smallest footprint of its category in the industry. FlexFlow dispenses two cages at once.

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  • Some bedding types tend to bridge and jam in most bedding dispensers. FlexFlow features a unique auger/valve design and an agitation system that moves the bedding to allow seamless distribution of almost any bedding type.
  • Dispenses a wide variety of bedding types, even problematic types, to an unlimited number of cage sizes
  • Half the footprint of typical bedding dispensers with equal throughput capabilities
  • Accurately and consistently dispenses exact amounts of bedding, up to two cages at a time
  • Ergonomic design and safety features improve your workflow and work-life
  • During Dispense Mode the sound level is less than 69.5 dB A (normal speech at 3 ft or 1m). During Fill Mode, the sound level is less than 74.8 dB A (loud speech at 3ft or 1m). It’s not any louder or quieter than any typical bedding dispenser.