ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2 and O2

Code 11922
A gas mixer that upgrades the ibidi Heating System to a complete stage top incubator for all live cell imaging applications with CO2, O2, and active humidity control.
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  • Ideal for live cell imaging applications - full incubator conditions on the microscope
  • Stable gas incubation without evaporation (patent pending technology)
  • Suitable for various experimental conditions (e.g., pH or hypoxia)
  • Fully compatible with the ibidi Heating Systems and stage top incubators of other suppliers
  • System includes: ibidi CO2 and O2 Gas Mixer, Humidifying Column


Detailed information on ibidi website.

Product name
11922  ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2 and O2, ibidi CO2 and O2 Gas Mixer, Humidifying Column, 1 pcs. Get quote