Low foam acid detergent

Code RBS IND 950

Low foam acid cleaning and descaling agent.

For automatic washing processes in research laboratories and production in industry.

Efficiently removes inorganic salts, metal oxides, rust (rouging), scale etc.

  • Dissolves mineral deposits
  • Easy rinse
  • Low concentration of use
  • Low foam at all temperatures
  • Compatible with hard water
  • Safe to use on most materials

The acid cleaning agent RBS IND 950 was specially developed to meet cleaning needs in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology industries. It is also suitable for use in research laboratories in universities and industry. It efficiently removes inorganic salts, metal oxides, rust (rouging), scale etc. The product is suitable for routine cleaning of production equipment, surfaces and parts made of stainless steel, glass, porcelain and plastic. It gives the original aspect and brightness to the cleaned surfaces.

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  • Use concentration (%): 0.2-3% v/v in water
  • Available packing: Box of 4 x 5 L (for other pack size, contact us)
  • PH 100%: 1
  • PH (in solution): 1.6

More information, Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are available on RBS webpage here.