Microisolator cage type III - set

Code MSIIIset
Microisolator cages protect animals against contamination from the outside environment. Filtertops enable use these cages as a microisolators in which animals can be held permanently. It is a simple alternative to the complex barrier room system creating the barrier at cage level.
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Cage designed for mice for housing during experiments and breeding. Product meets international rules and guidlines in the field of animal welfare, especially requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2010/63/EC in this range.

Microisolator cage adventages

  • No cross contamination from animals of different species in the same room;
  • Cages can be moved safely from the LF bench to other areas (controlled or not controlled) because the isolation stays intact;
  • Infection from personnel is no longer possible;
  • Different species can be studied in the same room if necessary;
  • Experimental infection with different microbes can be studied in the same room.

Cage type III

  • Material: polycarbonate or polysulphone, transparent
  • Floor area: 840 cm2
  • Weight: 975 g

Wire lid

  • The dividing plate in the feeder is part of the lid
  • Hangs on the rims of the cage - no retainers are necessarry
  • Materials: stainless steel


  • Material: polycarbonate or polysulphone, transparent
  • Replaceable filtersheet included, made of polyester

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All parts of the microisolator cage can be repeatedly sterilized in a steam autoclave at 120 ºC for 20 minutes.
Filtersheet has to be replaced after approx. 10 sterylization cycles because of wear.

Learn more about washing and sterilizing laboratory animal cages.

Standard system components
  • 031200256 / 031200256U Microisolator cage type III (polycarbonate / polysulphone)
  • 030100245 Wire lid (stainless steel), III FK
  • 031200231C / 031200231UC Filtertop (polycarbonate / polysulphone)
  • Replaceable filtersheet (polyester)
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031200230U  Microisolator cage type III - set / polysulphone Get quote