Non foaming alkaline detergent

Code RBS IND 756

Liquid cleaning agent, concentrated, highly alkaline, non-foaming, chlorine, phosphate, EDTA and NTA- free. RBS IND 756 is suitable for use in automatic washing machines and cleaning in place systems (soaking, circulation, spraying).

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient at low concentrations
  • High cleaning and degreasing power
  • Reinforced alkalinity
  • Multipurpose detergent.
  • Total rinse

RBS IND 756 is recommended for cleaning and degreasing parts and surfaces made of glass, stainless steel, production equipment, etc.

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  • Use concentration (%): 0,3-2% v/v in water
  • Available packing: Box of 4 x 5 L (for other pack size, contact us)
  • PH 100%: 14
  • PH (in solution): 12,3 (0,3%)

More information, Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet are available on RBS webpage here.