One channel Vascular Access Harness™ for rats

Code VAH95AB
The Vascular Access Harness™, an advancement on the Covance Infusion Harness™, permits quick, aseptic connection and disconnection of a catheterized rat and an infusion tether. The system consists of two parts: a miniature external port housed in a harness (VAH95AB) and a mating spring tether with a connector (VAH95T) that pierces the septum to make the fluid connection. Flush or inject directly into the harness as needed using a syringe fitted with a VAH6M injector. Then, to begin an infusion study, wipe the septum with disinfectant and connect the VAH tether to the harness. The standard system is designed for single channel infusion of rats using a 22ga swivel. For best results use 3Fr polyurethane catheters with inner diameters of 0.024-0.025in (0.60-0.64mm).
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Features and benefits

  • Quick aseptic connection and disconnection
  • Harness may be installed after surgery, but is also available from animal vendors as a surgical service
  • Harness may be replaced if damaged
  • Models
    Product name
    VAH95AB  Rat VAH harness, 22ga, with injector, sterile Get quote
    VAH95AB14  Rat VAH harness with long (14in) belly bands, injector, sterile Get quote
    VAH95T  Rat VAH tether assembly, 12in, 024 PU tubing, sterile Get quote
    KVAH95T  Rat VAH tether kit: VAH95T, 375/22P, 24in CoEx, LS22, sterile Get quote
    VAH6M  Injectors for rat VAH or VAB95BS buttons, needleless, 50 sterile pouches of 5 Get quote
    VAH6M-50  Injectors for rat VAH or VAB95BS buttons, needleless, 10 sterile pouches of 5 Get quote
    SIP22P  Plug for VAH tether connector, sterile Get quote