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Single and multi-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitor and perfusion monitoring. Ask us for rent to your laboratory.

Instrument rental conditions are as such:

  • Minimum term – 2 months
  • Extendable in 1 or 2 month increments at above pcm price
  • Oxygen sensors are purchase-only (per list price)
  • Laser Doppler probes only can be rented, subject to availability
  • Subject to monitor availability
  • Delivery and Return carriage and insurance costs to be borne by the customer or distributor
  • All damage, other than fair wear and tear will be chargeable
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Perfusion by blood provides tissues with vital oxygen and nutrients, while removing waste products and distributing signaling molecules around the organism. The measurement of microvascular blood perfusion provides researchers with critical information in a number of research applications where blood supply has been disrupted.  

Oxford Optronix blood flow monitors will be of interest therefore to life scientists wishing to directly and continuously measure local microvascular blood perfusion in in vivo models of ischemia-related disorders.. 

Our OxyFlo™ devices are laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) monitors intended for monitoring of relative microvascular blood flow in living tissues. 

Most applications are concerned with monitoring the competence of regional (microvascular) blood supply in specialties such as: 

  • Peripheral vascular disorders
  • Cerebral perfusion monitoring in models of stroke and brain injury (e.g. MCAO)
  • Tumour perfusion monitoring / angiogenesis
  • Blood supply in free flaps and pedicle flaps
  • Shock monitoring 

Oxford Optronix Ltd. was founded when its current CEO pioneered the transition of the then nascent laser-Doppler flowmetry technology into a commercially viable product in the early 1990's. We remain a pioneer in the development of LDF technology and continue to set unrivalled standards of reliability, robustness and sensitivity, with the OxyFlo™ brand now well-established the world over in biomedical ischaemia research. With the launch of OxyFlo™ Pro in 2013, our third-generation LDF platform, we blend contemporary design, plug and play convenience and touch-screen operation to provide one of the most advanced and reliable blood flow monitors on the market.

Key benefits of OxyFlo

Continuous tissue blood flow assessment
Our new-generation high performance laser Doppler blood flow monitors provide uncompromised reliability in continuous tissue blood flow assessment and are ideally suited to measurements of changing tissue blood flow in acute experimental models.

A range of probe types and probe formats provide support for a host of specialist disciplines and applications requiring both invasive or non-invasive tissue blood flow assessment..

OxyFlo™ monitors incorporate our proprietary artefact rejection technology, effectively filtering out the presence of motion artefacts in the blood flow signal. Substantially reduces and in most cases, completely eliminates motion artefacts or ‘spikes’ in the blood flow data arising from sensor cable movement and/or regular tissue movement (e.g. due to breathing).

Plug and play
OxyFlo™ probes require no calibration procedures or configuration following one-time probe calibration. Probes supplied at the time of monitor shipment are supplied factor pre-calibrated.

Touch-screen display and interface
OxyFlo™ Pro models feature a touch-sensitive, high-contrast, 140? viewing-angle screen, which displays real-time data in both digital and graphical (trace) formats, and provides access to instrument/user settings.!

Multi-channel productivity
The OxyFlo™ Pro is available as a 2-channel model or, uniquely, as a 4-channel device (OxyFlo™ Pro XL) capable of driving up to 4 probes simultaneously. This provides the flexibility to suit all needs, including the simultaneous monitoring of blood flow from multiple tissue sites (e.g. comparison of pathological versus control tissue sites).

Automatic temperature compensation of the pO2 measurement through optional, integrated temperature sensors.

Full support for both in vivo (tissue) pO2 applications AND measurement of dissolved oxygen in vitro (e.g. hypoxic cell culture, tissue constructs, bioreactors and more).

Minimally invasive for in vivo applications
Oxygen sensor diameters range from approximately 230 µm – 750 µm to suit a host of tissue monitoring applications and cause minimal tissue disruption in use.

MRI compatibility
Dedicated sensor types provide support and compatibility for magnetic resonance imaging (selected sensor types only).

Multi-channel productivity
The OxyLite™ Pro is available as a 2-channel model or, uniquely, as a 4-channel device (OxyLite™ Pro XL) capable of driving up to 4 sensors simultaneously. This provides the flexibility to suit all needs, including the simultaneous monitoring of oxygen from multiple tissue sites (e.g. comparison of pathological versus control tissue sites), or multiple in vitro samples.

The OxyFlo™ Pro dual-channel model can be factory upgraded to a 4-channel device.

Single-sensor multi-parameter monitoring
Our OxyFlo™ blood flow monitors have been specifically developed for use our OxyLite™ oxygen monitors. The combination of these two fibre optic measurement systems provides simultaneous tissue blood flow and oxygenation data from each 'triple' parameter combined sensor. 

USB digital output
Our entire range of tissue monitoring devices now include a dedicated USB output that supports direct streaming of real-time recordings to a PC running the popular LabChart® Pro* charting software by ADInstruments. After installing a complimentary Add-on, LabChart will automatically identify the specific type and model of Oxford Optronix monitor and pre-load all the necessary configuration and channel settings, providing the ultimate in ‘plug and play’ convenience. For researchers wishing to make multi-parameter measurements, the Add-on supports multiple Oxford Optronix devices at the same time. Data acquisition and recording just got a whole lot easier!

Analogue outputs
Continuous data recording to PC or Mac platforms is also supported via standard analogue data outputs offering compatibility with third party data recording solutions.

2-year product warranty
Our monitors are now provided with a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering defects in material or in workmanship. An optional extended warranty package, providing up to 6 years of ‘peace of mind’ cover, including preventative maintenance servicing is available at the time of purchase.

Statement of intended use:
OxyFlo™ and OxyFlo™ Pro are intended for laboratory, industrial and research use only.
OxyFlo™ and OxyFlo™ Pro are NOT intended for use in human subjects/patients.

  • Dimensions
    OxyFlo: 95mm (H) x 290mm (W) x 260mm (D)
    OxyFlo Pro: 150mm (H) x 310mm (W) x 280mm (D)
  • Weight
    OxyFlo: 2kg / 4.5lbs
    OxyFlow Pro: 4kg / 9lbs
  • - do sprawdzenia, na stronie błąd
  • Operating temperature
    10 – 30°C
  • Operating humidity
    0 – 70% (non-condensing)
  • Power requirements
    OxyFlo: VAC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 30W max
    OxyFlo Pro: External PSU (100-240V/50-60Hz), 40W max
  • Fuse rating
    OxyFlo: 2 x T1.6A
    OxyFlo Pro: Not applicable
  • Number of sensors supported / Number of channels
    OxyFlo: 1
    OxyFlo Pro: 2
    OxyFlo Pro XL: 4
  • Display
    OxyFlo: 40 character alphanumeric OLED
    OxyFlo Pro: High contrast 800 x 480 LCD touch-screen
  • Instrument configuration
    OxyFlo: Via function button at rear
    OxyFlo Pro: Via touch-screen display
  • Analogue voltage outputs
    OxyFlo: 2 x male BNC connectors (2 outputs) 
    OxyFlo Pro: 1 x 15-pin D-type (4 outputs)
    OxyFlo Pro XL: 2 x 15-pin D-type (8 outputs)
  • Laser type
    Temperature-stabilized semi-conductor laser diode
  • Laser wavelength
    785 ±10nm
  • Laser classification
    Class 1 (EN 60825-1:1994, 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11)
  • Laser power
    <0.5mW from probe tip/underside
  • Mode of operation
    Laser Doppler flowmetry
  • Measurement units (displayed)
    0 – 9999 BPU (blood perfusion units)
  • Stability of reading
    ± 5%
  • Sampling rate
    200 HZ
  • Measurement averaging
    O200ms (Flow); 5ms (Raw); 5s (ART); 200ms (Backscatter), rolling
  • Display update interval (numerical)
    2s (5s rolling averaged)
  • Probe identification
    Automatic; monitor stores one-time calibration
  • Probe calibration
    Factory or user-calibrated using Oxford Optronix motility standard
  • Probe shelf-life
  • Zeroing
    Automatic, controlled
  • Default analogue data output range
    0 – 5V (= 0 – 5000 BPU or 0 – 100% Backscatter
  • Analogue data output rate
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Dr Gillian Tozer, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK

““We have used OxyFlo probes for animal tumour studies and found them a great addition to the range of techniques that we use for studying the tumour microenvironment. The Oxford Optronix team is always extremely helpful, providing knowledgeable and thoughtful advice on every occasion. We will certainly carry on using them.”

Product name
OxyFlo  Single-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitor/perfusion monitoring
OxyFlo Pro  Two-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitor/perfusion monitoring
OxyFlo Pro XL  Multi-channel laser-Doppler tissue blood flow monitors with integrated touch-screen