Polyurethane external infusion tubing

This particular PU tubing is designed for a reliable friction fit with 22 or 25 gauge swivels and couplers. The elasticity and thick wall minimizes the chance of accidental disconnection, kinking or puncture. This tubing is used in our VAH and VAB™ tethers. The 22ga version is available with a white stripe to differentiate dual channel connections. For thin-walled PU catheter tubing see our intravascular PU tubing or, better yet, our finished catheters with rounded tips and suture collars.
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Features and benefits

  • High kink resistance
  • Very reliable fit on 22 or 25 gauge swivels and couplers
  • Strong puncture resistance
  • Models
    Product name
    VAHBPU-T25  PU tubing for external use, .017x.037in, fits 25ga, non-sterile
    VAHBPU-T22W  PU tubing for external use, white stripe, .025x.055in, fits 22ga, non-sterile