Polyurethane (pu) intravascular tubing

Code BTPU-010
This is the most commonly used formulation of polyurethane for laboratory animal research. It is the same tubing we use to make our finished catheters. The 2 and 3Fr sizes have been specially extruded to have ideal fits with PinPorts™ and Vascular Access Buttons™: our 2Fr fits 25ga, our 3Fr fits 22ga. Relatively kink resistant, the 1Fr size is used in two-piece mouse catheters; the 32ga size is used in intrathecal catheters. If you will implant this tubing, follow good surgical procedures and sterilize it with ethylene oxide gas. If this is not possible consider finished catheters with rounded tips for ease of insertion and improved patency, suture collars to maintain position in the vessel; we manufacture, individually package and EtO sterilize them in our clean room. For laboratory research only.
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Features and benefits

  • Good biocompatibility for implantation
  • Stretchy for excellent friction fit on connectors
  • Bondable
  • Models
    Name product
    BTPU-010  PU tubing, 32ga/.8Fr, .005x.010in, spool, non-sterile Get quote
    BTPU-014  PU tubing, medical grade, 1Fr, .007x.014in, spool, non-sterile Get quote
    BTPU-027  PU tubing, medical grade, 2Fr, .017x.027in, spool, non-sterile. Fits 25ga Get quote
    BTPU-040  PU tubing, medical grade, 3Fr, .025x.040in, spool, non-sterile. Fits 22ga Get quote