• Fiber Material: High Quality Silica/Silica-Step Index Multimode
  • Core Size: 200um 400um or 600um
  • Wavelength: UV-NIR 260-2200nm
  • Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.22
  • Connector: SMA 905, FC, ST, DIN, F125,F250, LLG
  • Jacketing: Silicone Monocoil Tubing
  • Temperature Range -40C-120C


    • Qualified proprietary fiber is WPI’s most advanced fiber product line.  DIN 58145:2017-01

    • Qualified fiber allows for excellent transmission of UV-NIR light in long length fiber and perform exceptionall well in the 700-2200nm wavelength region

    • Resists degradation due to UV exposure better than virtually any fiber on the market

    • Allows for true “plug and play” replacement

    • Ideal for OEM and applications requiring field service or where multiple instruments must be used for a battery of tests

    • Includes certificate and data of both UV transmission and induced loss generated by continuous exposure to a 30W deuterium bulb of each fiber material batch from 185-360nm


    • Liquid chromatrography 
    • Forensic Medicine
    • UV Raman 
    • Medical

Detailed information on WPI website.

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505161  Qualified UV-NIR 600 µm Core Get quote