World Precision Instruments

Smallest fiber optic dipping probe WPI


Path Length 

  • 2mm (DIP-UV-MINI-2)
  • 5mm (DIP-UV-MINI-5)
  • 10mm (DIP-UV-MINI-10)


  • Connects with most standard spectrometers using a 600 µm connection
  • Perfect for mobile applications


  • Protein and DNA sample measurements
  • Dissolution system

Mini DipTip™ is a miniature transmission probe for microliter spectroscopic sampling. Mini DipTip’s tip diameter is only 1.5 mm—the size of a 17-gauge needle. It will fit into all micro centrifuge tubes on the market. Microliter samples can be analyzed cost effectively when you combine the Mini DipTip™ with one of the following:

  • TIDAS E Base with FO-6000 or D4H
  • LEDSpec
  • TIDAS S300 series
  • Compatible with most fiber coupled spectrometers
  • Ideal for multi channel applications with LEDSpec