HP Labortechnik

Steam sterilizer, floor model, VARIOKLAV GreenLine 80 S

Code 608379HP

Autoclave with usable volume 80 litres, (ØxL) 400x600 mm, feed water volume 5 litres, MT media temperature control with flexible temperature probe, max. operating pressure -1 (vakuum fixed) up to 2.5 bar.

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Extend system with following adds-on
  • 51900802 RL module - fast cooling for liquids in open vessels, effective recooling through air flow ducts on the outside of the vessel, no additional on-site connections, no cooling water required
  • 604790 FA module - exhaust air filtration with condensate sterilization, for all contaminated sterile goods, recommended for security level L1 (S1), required from security level L2 (S2) by surveillance authority
  • 608787 ADI - Steam spent condenser, condensate cooling with tap water, on-site water connection required
  • 50103739 Set of castors with parking brake, for portable installation of freestanding units, 1 kit = 4 pieces
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • 609520 Lifting hoist, for easy loading and unloading, powder-coated, stroke 900 mm, load capacity 40 kg
  • 50091747 Wire basket round, (ØxH) 385x260 mm, stackable, max. 2 baskets per device
  • 50110034 Wire basket round, (ØxH) 385x248 mm, stackable, max. 2 baskets per device, special size 50091196
  • 50091196 Wire basket round with drip tray, (ØxH) 385x260 mm, stackable, tray height 50 mm, max. 2 baskets per device
  • 50092106 Metal bucket round, (ØxH) 390x280 mm, stackable, max. 2 buckets per device
  • 50095759 Metal bucket round with rotating lid, (ØxH) 390x280 mm, not stackable, max. 1 bucket per device
  • 50089353 Condensate collector, for waste steam and condensate, 20 litres, made of PE plastic, with stainless steel immersion tube and quick coupling as well as hose set
  • 50107364 Magnetic stirrer with one stirring point, including stirring bar and external control unit, pressure-tight encapsulated, integrated in the sterilizer, max. 40 litres stirring volume