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TAIJI Small animal anesthesia machine


The small laboratory animal anesthesia machine TAIJI is an upgraded model newly launched by RWD. Independent switches for chamber and mask channels improving experimental efficiency. The machine is ready to use right out of the box, no need for installation. The upgraded dual channel control makes animal experiment easier and faster to conduct.

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Overview of small anesthesia system TAIJI

  • Vaporizer provides reliable quality and stable concentration output, independent of changes in flow, temperature, and pressure
  • Convenient flow switch
  • Smart and leakproof anesthetic filling by Easy Fill dosing method
  • Upgraded dual channels: independent switches for chamber and mask channels to improve experimental efficiency
  • Flowmeter specifications:  0-4L/min
  • Concentration range: isoflurane:  0-5%;sevoflurane: 0-8%
  • Concentration output accuracy: ±0.1(0-1%);±0.15(>1%)
  • Vaporizer capacity: up to 120ml
  • Operating temperature range: 10-35℃
  • Size: 260 x 220 x 300 mm
Standard system components
  • TAIJI-IE TAIJI-IE Compact small animal anesthesia machine isoflurane/sevoflurane, easy-fill 0-4 l, incl. tubes for mask and induction chamber
Product name
TAIJI-IE  Compact small animal anesthesia machinem isoflurane, easy-fill 0-4 l, incl. tubes for mask and induction chamber