Two channel stainless steel swivels

Code 375/D/25
The second fluid channel on these swivels gives you the ability to infuse and withdraw simultaneously, to infuse on one channel while monitoring on the other, or to infuse on two lines independently. Like the stainless single channel swivels, these swivels have been built to last a lifetime (however, users should follow the instructions carefully when cleaning the swivels after every use). If you are using our multi-channel Vascular Access Button tethers, use the new 25ga models, 375/D/25 for rats and 375/D/25LT for mice, for an ideal fit with the 0.4mm inner diameter tubing used in these tethers. Each swivel includes a universal swivel-to-tether clamp that connects to our button, harness, and head block tethers. Repair and replacement parts are available.
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Features and benefits

  • Dual channel
  • Stainless steel body
  • Self-adjusting seals
  • Includes universal swivel-to-tether clamp
  • Models
    Product name
    375/D/25  25ga dual channel stainless steel swivel
    375/D/22  22ga dual channel stainless steel swivel
    375/D/25LT  Low-torque dual channel swivel, 25ga
    375/D/22LT  Low-torque dual channel swivel, 22ga OD, 25ga equivalent ID
    375/D/22QE  Microdialysis swivel for rats, quartz-lined center channel
    375/D/22QM  Low-torque dual channel quartz-lined swivel