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VITALVIEW® telemetry software


VitalView® Telemetry Data Acquisition Software allows you to monitor and record data in real-time when using Starr Life Science’s E-Mitter® Telemetry Implant on a 24-7 basis.

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VitalView® Telemetry software allows you to configure the experiment and data collection parameters when using the  Emitter Telemetry Implants. The software manages communications with the hardware and stores and displays basic graphical data analysis.  It also provides descriptive statistics and prepares the data for export.

VitalView® is a convenient PC/Windows-based platform designed to monitor an entire suite of parameters. Built-in flexibility permits user-defined sampling size, data filtering, and epoch lengths.


Easy configuration

Provides tools to configure hardware, confirm proper E-Mitter implant placement, create user-defined sampling rate and epoch size, and organize data channels by test subject and experimental grouping.


Monitor data collection

The data collection monitor Screen (Homepage screen) allows you to monitor data during your study.


Data export 

Export ASCII and Actiview® (.awd) data formats at any time without interrupting the main recording. Free Excel support.


96 data channels

Record up to 96 data channels


ASCII data file

Easily convert data into an ASCII data file