EcoFlo rack mounted blowers

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EcoFlo rack mounted blowers


Blowers installed on Allentown's IVC racks. Possible to control: LCD display, iPad or laptop via WiFi, bluethoot.

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EcoFlo rack mounted blowers

Two blowers installed on Allentown individually ventilated racks. Compact, take up very little space. Make rack fully mobile, with the possibility of move. No transfer of vibration to the rack through the use of modern and efficient engines ECM, which are very quiet, they emit much less heat and use significantly less energy compared to engines used in racks from other manufacturers.


  • 2 units fanning does not transfer vibrations provide full welfare of animals (certified by an independent laboratory IBM)
  • inlet and outlet air cleaned by pre-filters and HEPA filters
  • constant speed of air flow in the rack and all the cages system is approx. 0.1 m / s (+/- 10%) – TIZ Bifo standard is 0.2 m / s
  • air inlet on bedding level has a fundamental impact on maintain low levels of ammonia and carbon dioxide, enabling the exchange of bedding every two weeks

Blowers control

EcoFlo offers a variety of solutions of monitoring and control racks:

1. Standard, clear LCD display unit installed on ventilation in

  • The solution is efficient for work of using single IVC.

2. Units without a LCD display supported by WiFi with one tablet or laptop.

  • Modern and convenient solution.
  • Lower purchasing costs of blowers
  • Control multiple racks by one device – one tablet for all IVC racks in whole animal facility