Charles River Laboratories

B6CBAF1 mouse, B6CBAF1/Crl

Code B6CBAF1/Crl
Hybrid mouse model ideal for polygenic diseases research.
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Nomenclature: B6CBAF1/Crl

Type: Hybrid

Origin: First generation (F1) progeny of a cross between female C57BL/6J and male CBA/CaCrl.

Coat color: Agouti

Strain code: 616

Ideal for: Hybrid vigor, as a background for deleterious mutations, to create or enhance expression of polygenic diseases, to determine the mode of inheritance, and to provide physiological buffering (present a broader array of responses to various stresses).

Bred in: Italy, USA

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at link below

*Photos provided courtesy of Charles River