Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories

In 1947, a young veterinarian Dr. Henry Foster purchased thousands of rat cages from a Virginia farm and set up a one-man laboratory in Boston, overlooking the Charles River. In an effort to fulfill the regional need for laboratory animal models, he bred, fed and cared for the animals and personally delivered them to local researchers. Today, Charles River looks like a very different company, but in realizing Dr. Foster’s vision committed to collaboration, responsibility and leadership within the global research community.

For more than 70 years, Charles River has seen technologies advance and new diseases emerge. One-man laboratory has evolved into a worldwide support network, allowing to act as a steadfast partner to our sponsors, from discovery to lot release testing. By carefully cultivating Charles Rivers portfolio, growth has become a continuous strategic effort in anticipating tomorrow’s drug development needs.

Charles River specializes in:

  • research animal models,
  • biospecimens,
  • animal health monitoring,
  • surgical services,
  • animal colony management,
  • embryology services,
  • preconditioned models,
  • model creation services,
  • genetic testnig services.

AnimaLab is the exclusive supplier of Charles River products and services since 2004 in Poland.From January 2017 AnimaLab is the Charles River official distributor for Hungary and Romania and deliver lab animals also to Baltic countries.

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