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BALB/c Nude mouse, CAnN.Cg-Foxn1nu/Crl

Code 241029
Immunodeficient mice used in tumor biology and xenograft research.
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Nomenclature: CAnN.Cg-Foxn1nu/Crl

Type: Inbred, Immunodeficient

Origin: Developed through crosses and back-crosses between BALB/cABom-nu and BALB/cAnNCrj-nu at Charles River Laboratories Japan (CRLJ). Pedigreed pregnant females of CAnN.Cg-Foxn1nu/Crl were received from CRLJ in 1985. This mouse is inbred, and genetic monitoring results confirm it to be a BALB/c nude. The animal lacks a thymus, is unable to produce T-cells, and is therefore immunodeficient.

The control model for the BALB/c Nude Mouse is the BALB/c Heterozygous Mouse (NU+ B/c; NU+ BALB/c).

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Coat color: Hairless, albino background (Homozygous), White, albino (Heterozygous)

Strain code: 194 (Homozygous), 195 (Heterozygous)

Ideal for: Tumor biology and xenograft research

Bred in: Germany, UK

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at links below

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